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electric, quiet, and organic landscaping

We believe that beautiful landscaping and lawns can be achieved with respect for the environment. We use electric equipment and organic practices to provide our clients with full-service landscaping while caring for the earth.


We are different.

 Our lawn care and landscaping services offer an alternative to gasoline companies. Everything we use is electric, organic, and offers pest control without hazards to your health or nature's harmony. We offer full-service landscaping and maintenance as our competitors do, but with innovative quiet and green technologies. 

Did you know?

Three gas pump nozzles over a nature bac

Traditional landscaping contributes 5-10% of all toxic
air pollution.

A red lawn mower and gas can in fresh cu

One gas-powered lawnmower emits 11 times the air pollution of a new car.

a black and green electric leaf blower resting on a bed of grass

The noise of one gas leaf blower is equivalent to 20 electric leaf blowers at full blast.


puppy laying on grass

Our services are:

  • Pet-friendly

  • Low in carbon emissions

  • Ultra quiet

  • Protective of local grass and wildlife

  • Organic - no toxic substances

  • Full-service

electric lawnmower
Green Park
EcoQuiet Lawn Care is proud to be an American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) Certified Service Pro Company. Through AGZA, our low-impact sustainable lawn care services are independently verified to meet the highest standards in measured noise and carbon reductions, offering organic alternatives, and providing dignified Green Collar jobs.
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