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Customer Testimonials

Suburban House

We have been very happy clients of George and EcoQuiet lawn services - for years! Our lawns have never looked better and George has been a complete pleasure to work with. His care and knowledge for the environment is evident in everything he does.

-- Sarah H.


EcoQuiet did a fantastic job cleaning up our yard. We had a variety of perennials interspersed with weeds that required a lot of attention, and George was very knowledgeable about what would work with shape and slope of our front yard. The staff is also very quick to respond to any needs or questions.

-- Joe C.


George has a great attitude and is diligent about his work - and is quiet!

-- Joe R.


EcoQuiet is ecologically savvy and quiet: the company lives up to its name! George, the owner and founder, has a broad knowledge of local plants — which to put where and when to plant them — and he has many useful insights for growing a verdant landscape. I also appreciate EcoQuiet's all electric, nearly silent, equipment. They are dependable and have reasonable rates.  

-- Charley H.


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