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We provide full-service electric lawn care and landscaping.

Our innovative electric tools and organic practices are radically quieter than our gas-powered competitors, and we emit zero on-site pollutants, so we’re healthier for your household and the environment.

We offer routine services, including yard maintenance (mowing, bush trimming, etc.), garden maintenance, spring and fall cleanups, garden installation and design, and walkway and patio construction. We are always looking to collaborate on new opportunities, so let us know if you have a project in mind and don’t see it listed!

Plant Shed

Lawn Care

Our organic lawn services include:

Mowing - Weekly or bi-weekly mowing, which includes string trimming and blowing off of hardscapes and driveways. Performed with our quiet, emissions-free electric mowers and tools.

Corn gluten application - An organic spring herbicidal and nitrogen fertilizer treatment which consists solely of a corn byproduct, so it is 100% human and wildlife safe. A precisely timed application of corn gluten before weeds emerge in the spring inhibits weed and crabgrass growth safely and naturally.

Dethatching - Spring detaching removes thatch (dead grass) and mildly aerates your lawn, allowing vital water and nutrients to better penetrate your lawn’s roots. This promotes thicker grass and robust growth, and helps prevent disease.

Fertilizer and lime

application - We use Milorganite and Lawn-Lime to organically feed and balance the pH of your lawn, both essential periodic services for healthy grass growth.

Compost and patch seeding - We patch bare spots and holes in your lawn with an organic compost-based soil mixture, and reseed for grass regrowth. This process is done after corn gluten application so that the gluten application does not prevent the grass seed from establishing itself.

Lawn aeration - Lawn aeration, performed in the fall, breaks up compacted soil and removes additional thatch, allowing air, water, and nutrients to better reach the roots of your grass. We combine aeration with overseeding for perfectly timed regrowth and weed suppression.

Hand on green lush grass

Yard Maintenance

- Mowing

- Mulching

- Raised bed gardens

- Hand weeding garden beds

- Traditional New England wall and pathway masonry 

- New plantings and established planting pruning

- Native species planting

- Hedge care

- Grass replacements

- One-care gardening programs

Garden Maintenance 

We can meet all of your garden maintenance needs, from mulching to weeding.

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