Ecoquiet Landscaping and maintenance can handle many of your landscaping needs. services include, ornamental tree and shrub care, land clearing, landscape design, organic pest management,  lawn care, fertilizing, and wildlife management. We also are open minded to any creative ideas so to ask even if its outside of traditional landscaping. 

How EcoQuiet Bills For Services:

- Reoccurring services are either billed in one lump sum at the beginning of the year at a five percent discount or four easy payments occurring at the dates of April first, July first, September first and December first will be required. 

-  Larger projects will be negotiated as a stand-alone bill.  All larger projects will have a set price and payment is required before starting.  Winter plowing and snow blowing will be billed every fourth occurrence. 

Lawn Care

- The standard lawn grass cutting includes trimming, mowing, and blowing off of any hardscape or patio surfaces. 

- Our lawn Care approach tries to eliminate as many toxic and polluting materials as possible. Ecoquiet Lawn care only applies slow-release fertilizers, biocontrols, and organic herbicides.  This maximizes the amount of time you get to enjoy your lawn as well as minimizes the ecological impact. 

The products you can expect are as follows 

- Milky spore: a bacteria that targets grubs in your lawn.

- Parasitoidal nematodes: a broad spectrum pest targetting biocontrol that kills over 40 types of pests. 

- Organic slow release fertilizer: This reduces the amount of fertilizer needed and reduces runoff into waterways. 

- Corn gluten: The dual effect of high nitrogen content and preemergent herbicide without any synthetic chemicals. 

- Chelated Iron: This is used to knock down any broadleaf weeds without harming your grass. 

- Spread compost: Increasing soil retention of both water and nutrients. 

- Molasses: The sugars in this product stimulate natural biospheres in your lawns soil. 

- Fall Slice seeding:  An important step to overcome weeds with directly sown grass seeds.

- Liming: To ensure proper ph.

- Aeration: Which prevents compaction from letting your grassroots develop.  

Tree Care

- There are many different dangers to ornamental trees.  Setting up a preventative pruning and treatment program can allow trees to flourish for years to come. Ecoquiet lawn care also removes small trees and clears land of invasive species. 

Yard Maintenance And Improvement 

- Mulching.

- Raised bed gardens.

- Hand weeding garden bed.

- Fall and spring cleaning.

- Traditional New England wall and pathway masonry 

- New plantings and established planting pruning. 

- Native species planting. 

- Hedge care.

- grass replacements.

- Raised bed gardens and one care gardening programs. 

EcoQuiet Lawn Care

We service the towns of Concord, Sudbury, Lincoln, Carlisle, Bedford, Newton and are expanding every day.